Greetings from our new, re-orged website. I have been thinking about doing this for a while and finally decided to jump in with both feet. I have been doing this blog for many years. That means there is tons of information on this website. You can get to that information by doing Searches. However, I have always wanted to make the site more helpful to people, more user friendly. So starting today there is a new structure to the website shown in the menu system.

There is the Mac section. I would say about 80-90% of the posts on Macessence are in that section. You will find things in the Mac section like iCloud, Printing, macOS, Software, Mac Hardware Security Reports and other stuff. If it does not fit anywhere else, it goes in the Mac section. By the way, if you search within any of these sections the search covers the whole site, not just that section.

There is an iOS section. I would say about 10% of the posts on Macessence are in this section. You will find things like iOS, iOS Software, iPhone and iPad. As my iOS involvement grows, the content in this section will increase, especially now that I have a new iPad 10.5” and with iOS 11 released.

There is a Mac101 section. So, what goes in here? Well, I think most Mac101 type articles are either about macOS or Apple apps that come with a Mac. These will be more basic how to’s and explanations of why things work the way the do. Sort of a bootcamp computing area. I have been thinking about adding something like this to the site for a while, now is the time. I am not going to make the Mac101 articles quite as fancy as the main site area, they will be sort of down and dirty. And, I am not going to have a specific writing schedule for Mac101 like I do for the other parts of the blog. I am just going to add articles that I think would be helpful to more casual users of the Mac and iOS Devices.