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I have mentioned CleanMyMac 3 by MacPaw software in previous articles. Still using it with great success. But, I wanted to mention the Mail Attachments cleaning routine. I don’t know about you, but I have a fair amount of email attachments, some of which I keep and some of which can go away.


Instead of deleting youir email attachments manually you can let CleanMyMac 3 do it. This is assuming you have saved the attachments you wish to keep. Here is the Mail Attachments window in CMM3:

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Just click on the “Scan” button and away you go. When it is done scanning CMM3 will present this type of window:

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I highly recommend clicking on the “Review Details” button!! There just may be some things you do NOT want to delete. When you click on “Review Details” CMM3 takes you to this window:

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When I went into “Details” I realized some of these files belonged to other members of the family. I did not want to delete them. There are two ways to deal with this. I clicked on “All Files” to select everything, then unchecked it to make sure everything was unselected. Then, in my case, I just checked “Photos” because some of the other documents needed to be saved. However, after unselecting everything, you can go through and manually select items to be deleted if you prefer. After CMM3 is finished cleaning it goes back to this window:

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As you can see I do not have a ton of email attachments, I keep it pretty cleaned up. However, I know that some people accumulate lots of attachments. This takes up valuable space on your HD. CMM3 is a great way to clean out some of the email attachment junk you no longer need, thus freeing up space on your HD. I suspect that this might also make your Mail app run a little better as well.

CleanMyMac 3 is a very versatile application. If you take a little time with it you will be paid back in great Mac cleanup dividends.



  1. Hello,
    If I save an email that contains an attachment to a local folder, will this attachment be deleted?

    1. I am not totally sure. I did an experiment using Apple Mail. The email in question had a PDF attachment on it. I saved the email to the Desktop as “raw source”. It appeared not the Desktop as an .eml file. I then opened that .eml file with Apple Mail and the attachment still attached. This is Apple Mail in macOS Sierra. Hope this helps.


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