Everweb Update

Previously I have posted an article about a very cool iWeb replacement program called Everweb. I have used it to reproduce a few of my websites. But, recently I decided to try to re-do my largest website for our local garden club. This rather large project has magnified Everweb’s pros and it’s cons.

First, the pros. Everweb is absolutely fun to design websites. This older website, long overdue for a re-write, was created in Freeway Pro. Make no mistake, Freeway Pro is a high end, professional web design application. I still use it for certain sites because of it’s capabilities. However, if a site does not require too many bells and whistles I can put it into Everweb. But, I digress.

Yes, Everweb is totally fun to design with. For more information on Everweb’s design interface and how it works just go to this first article. Needless to say, I had a new design for this old website in just a matter of hours. It does retain some of the old look, but in a new package. Everweb makes it so easy to place images, text blocks and links; you can just build your site rather quickly. It is quite intuitive and pretty much makes sense. It is not as powerful as iWeb yet, but it is getting there.

But, there are some cons as well. Everweb does not have a blogging feature yet, it does not allow you to do stuff like wrap text around images, it has no letter or word spacing features, etc., etc. There are all kinds of little things that make web design easy and powerful that are just not present. Keep in mind though, Everweb is an iWeb replacement. It really is not billed as the high end web design application. I have learned to do work arounds for many features that are present in programs like Freeway Pro. Also, Everweb is extensible. You can add all kinds of third party Widgets that do all kinds of different stuff.

Here is a shot of my old site (it is kind of small, but you can get a feel for it):

Now here is the updated website (still a work in progress) using Everweb:

The photos at the top of the page of the new design are a slider. As you can see you can do a nice website using Everweb. It really is the website design program for the rest of us. And, please note, Everweb is continually updated. They are fixing little bugs and adding features all the time. The bloging feature should be out soon along with other goodies.

If you are looking for a good website design app or looking to move your websites from iWeb or another website design program, I highly recommend Everweb. It is a fun and fast way to produce nice websites.