Yosemite Beta 2

Apple released Yosemite Beta 2 yesterday. Of course, I downloaded and installed it right a way. It took quite a long time to get installed, but now that it is I must say there are some nice improvements. 

The Messages app and a few others showed some wonkiness at times in the old beta, but now they seem to be much more stable. One important thing to note is that my Clear app (To Do’s and Reminders) started working again. It still does not work in Yosemite Beta 2, but it started working in Mavericks and iOS 7 on my iPhone 5s and iPad. Go figure right? One thing that Yosemite Beta 2 broke was my Finder replacement app, TotalFinder. However, the TotalFinder people are great at updating, I am sure they will have a new version soon.

Also, Apple continues to update it’s overall iOS look. Here is the System Preferences window:

As you can see, more of the Pref Pane icons have taken on the flat look. I know many people will not like this, but I have to admit I am getting used to it. There just seems to be more uniformity in the way apps are presented in Yosemite, partly because of their appearance I am sure. 

Connected devices like hard drives have a new appearance as well:

The old HD appearance is on the left, the Yosemite way is on the right. No big deal, but kind of a refreshing new look in my opinion.

I am sure I will find other new and improved things in Beta 2, time will tell. If I find anything significant I will be reporting back to you.