Wow! What a totally fun app to use for doing blogs! I have used several differe applications over the years to do my blogs, including Macessence blog. But, Blogo 2 is the best so far. If you are looking for cool blogging software, then Blogo 2 is worth considering.

Let me begin by saying I used Blogo 1 when it was first out a few years ago. A different company owned and developed it then, but for whatever reason, they stopped development on it. I was very disappointed.

Enter Blogo 2!! If you are a serious blogger and/or you run multiple blogs I highly recommend Blogo 2 (hereinafter referred to as B2). It is for sale through the Mac App Store for half price ($14.99) as I write this. Blogo 2 does a ton of things, so lets just begin by showing the main interface:

Lets do an overview by the numbers:

  1. A drop down to select which blog on which to work
  2. Click on the Pencil to start a new article
  3. Click on the lines to hide the Post List
  4. Click on the Eye for a preview of your article
  5. Click on the Comments bubble to respond to comments
  6. The main text area
  7. Calendar for scheduling your posts
  8. Full Screen Mode

There are so many features in B2 I am only gone to cover some of the main ones in this article.


B2 handles images very nicely. You can drag them into your article or use the “Insert” command in the “Post” menu. I find it easier to drag them into place. When you do you will be presented with placement options:

You can either place it above or below the nearby text. After you drop the image onto the page it presents you with the Image Editing Window:

Lately, what I have been doing is to insert my images (mostly screenshots) as “Thumbnails” which are linked to a “Full Size” image as I have done in this article. Then I enter something in the “Tool Tip” field like, “Click for larger image” so people can get a better view of the image if they wish. However, you can click on “Set Size” to set the image to an exact size if you wish. Either way works just fine, B2 handles the images really well. If you look at the above screenshot of the Image Editing Window you see a few controls for some minor editing of the images. I do not use these, preferring to do any editing in Apple’s Preview app or another image editor like Graphic Converter.

Preview Window

The Preview Window is super handy. As you work on your blog article you can hit Preview at any time to get a feel for what it is going to do in your blog layout.

As you can see, it displays the article in your actual blog setup. The B2 people call this “Real Preview”. This is invaluable for determining what is and is not going to work for any particular blog article in your blog parameters.

Full Screen

OK, I have always loved “Full Screen” mode or if you wish, “Focused Editing”. To get to “Full Screen” mode click on the full screen arrows in the upper right hand corner of the B2 window (#8 on our first screenshot above). If you are inserting a bunch of photos then it is not ideal to be in “Full Screen” mode, but if you are entering a fair amount of text then “Full Screen” mode is awesome. 

Obviously, you are not going to be able to see much unless you “click for larger image” here, but it is so cool to able to do a bunch of writing without any other distractions. “Full Screen” mode is one of my favorite features of B2. To get out of “Full Screen” mode just hit the Esc key. Oh, almost forgot. You can access the regular B2 program menus in “Full Screen” mode by dragging your mouse up into the menu area. The Apple menubar drops down to show the B2 menus.

Here is the deal. There is so much I want to cover in Blogo 2 I think I am going to put the remainder in a second article. In the next article I will try to cover the Comments, Scheduling and Categories/Tags sections. Until then I am going to leave you with one caveat. At this point in time Blogo 2 only works with WordPress blogs!! If you are blogging with another system you may wish to wait on getting Blogo 2. They are working on a version of Blogo 2 for Blogger and Tumblr, I am sure other platforms will follow. One more thing before I leave you. The Blogo 2 people are adding features to Blogo 2 all the time and it is updated with new features and bug fixes regularly. Until the next article, happy blogging.