CleanMyMac 2

As you know I am into software that optimizes Mac OS X. However, as hard as I try, I really cannot find a package that does a good job without messing up my Mac OS in some way. However, I think I have found what I am looking for in a very cool application called CleanMyMac 2 by MacPaw Software.


I have been using CleanMyMac2 (hereinafter referred to as CMM2) for a couple of months now. I did not want to ‘jump the shark’ and give this app my Mac good housekeeping seal of approval prior to doing rigerous testing. CMM2
is a very elegant application that works really well. I will get into the specifics in a bit, but suffice it to say it is easy to use, makes a lot of sense and does not mess up your machine. Also, CMM2 is updated regularly. They have good support for this app.

The Interface

The interface for CMM2 can only be described as elegant. It is clean and self-explanatory with very professional graphic design. Here is an example of the main screen (click for a larger image):

As you can see what you can do with this application is pretty much right up front in the interface. The left hand column lists all the things CMM2 can cleanup in addition to an application uninstaller. 


To start just click the “Scan” button bottom center of the window. CMM2 will show you the results of the scan in the right side of the app window. If you wish to proceed click that button again which now says “Clean”. When you run a cleaning routine the app tells you what it is doing on the right side of the window:

It is all very straightforward. There is a “Clean” progress bar as the app does it’s thing. Speaking of progress, CMM2 took much longer to scan my HD than any other optimizer I have used. It really does get down into the lower level of things. When it is finished CMM2 presents this window:

It gives you a nice graph on what it has cleaned. It is nice to have this type of positive feedback. The program also keeps a running total of the amount of files it has cleaned out, more positive feedback.

Automatic vs. Manual

You can let CMM2 run and it will scan and clean in all the categories listed in the left hand column (except the uninstaller, of course). Or you can choose to do a scan and clean piecemeal. I chose piecemeal the first time, just to be safe. I think I just scanned the System files. However the second time I used the app I let it scan for almost everything with the exception of Photos. I was a little leery of losing photos, so I had it remove only photos that had been rotated. To do that you select iPhoto Cleanup and then the “Detailed” button like so:

When you click the “Detailed” button it takes you to this area:

The only thing I checked was “Rotated Images”. If you have rotated an image to correct how it looks you don’t really need the original anymore. YMMV on this feature, just proceed with caution.

Also, under the heading of Manual scanning, after my first scan I turned off Large Files. I do not need to do that very often so I leave it off.

Safe Cleaning

This may be the most important issue of of all: Safe Cleaning!! I have probably used CMM2 on my iMac in Mavericks 10 times over the last two months (you don’t really need to use it that much folks, but I was testing stuff). I have had no problems with the app messing up my OS X install or harming any of my installed applications. The program features, the bells and whistles, are important, of course. But, the bottom line for a Mac optimizer is safety. Kind of like the Doctors motto, “first do no harm”!! CMM2 is good to go in this area as far as I am concerned. However, I would still proceed with caution on your first scan and cleaning and maybe just do the System Cleanup until you are comfortable with the program.

The Uninstaller

As I mentioned, CMM2 has an application uninstaller. I have other applications that do this, but when you install CMM2 it sets itself up as the app uninstaller of choice. When you delete an app it automatically boots up showing all the files associated with that app. I have used this feature a few times and I like it. However, it can be turned off in the Preferences area if you decide not to use it. More on the uninstaller in a future article.

Pros & Cons

The pros of CMM2 are vast. It is very thorough, does not mess up your Mac, has a clean understandable interface, is easy use, the list goes on and on. An added pro is that there are a ton of preferences you can set in this application. Stuff like scheduling a cleanup automatically, monitoring the Trash size, monitoring free disk space (don’t have time to go into them all, but there is plenty of tweaking that can be done). It really is the end all and be all of maintaining a Mac if you wish to keep it lean and mean.

I can only think of one con and that is the price: $39.95. That is pretty steep for an application like this. However, they do have sales at times. I think I got my version for $34.00. Here is the deal, if you are serious about maintaining your Mac then I say go for it!! It is pricey, but CMM2 does so much stuff well that it is worth the dinero in my opinion. I am very glad I bought it and will use it for many years to come.