iOS 8 & Favorites

Man are there a ton of new features and goodies in iOS 8!! I finally installed it on my iPhone 5s and iPad 3 Retina Display. It will be awhile before I can come to grips with some of this stuff, so from time to time I want to bring you some of the features that I like the most.

One of those is the new Favorites feature. In the past if you double-clicked your Home button you got small windows of all your open applications. But, in iOS 8, in addition to the app windows, you can see your Favorites listed across the top of the screen. It also lists what they call “Recents” (people you have contacted recently). Although, some people may consider this to be a little too much information for others to see, I really like it (will show you how to turn it off later in this article). Here is a shot of my iPhone 5s screen with Favorites up top.

When I initially installed iOS 8 I added several people to my Favorites. You can add someone as a Favorite by going into your Contacts app, find and select Edit for the contact, scroll to the bottom of the contact window and choose “Add to Favorites”. Then I decided I wanted to remove some of them, but for the life of me I could not figure out how to do that for the longest time, until I had an epiphany. To remove a Favorite from your Home screen do the following. Go into your Phone app:

Once you are in your Phone app just tap on the Favorites Star in the lower left hand corner:

When you do you will be taken to a list of your Favorites. Swipe right to left to remove one or more of them.

Then when you double-click on your Home button the Favorite in question will be gone:

But, there is more. You can turn off Favorites or Recents or both. Go into your Settings and then into Mail, Contacts, Calendars. If you scroll down in this area you will find “Show In App Switcher” like so:

When you select that you will be taken to this screen:

Here you can turn off Recents (like I did), Favorites or both of them. If the Favorites feature bugs you or you consider it an invasion of you privacy just turn it off!! Oh by the way, when you tap on a Favorite you will get a pop out menu something like this:

Here you can Call, iMessage, FaceTime, Email, etc. your Favorite. You choose what you would like to do.

One short note. Some of the features in iOS 8 do not work on older iDevices. Favorites does not work on my iPad 3 Retina display. Recents does work, but not Favorites which is very disappointing.

For me, I really like the Favorites feature. I only have a few Favorites on my 5s which is not cumbersome. I consider it to be very handy, a real time saver.