Path Finder – 1

I have used OS X Finder replacements for years. They just have more functionality and usually work quite well. Recently, I switched back to a very cool app called Path Finder by Cocoatech. There are several Finder replacement apps, but none are as comprehensive or as sophisticated as Path Finder.


Path Finder 7 (hereinafter referred to as PF) has a ton of features. There is no way I can cover them all so I will try to stay with what I consider to be the main ones. I am still going to cover them in two articles. Trying to do them all in one would be just too long. 

Path Finder loads at boot up. The Apple Finder continues to run in the background however. You can remove the icon for the Apple Finder from the Dock so you only have the PF icon showing. PF has it’s own Desktop with a myriad of adjustments; fonts, sizes, positioning etc. In fact, the whole program has tons of features and adjustments. Here is just an example of the main Preferences window:

As you can see there are all kinds of things you can tweak and setup. I am not going into the Preferences right now, you can mix and match when and if you get PF. The PF app is extremely granular. You can have volumes of Finder information to your hearts content or as little as you like. Needless to say, I do not use all of the features of PF, but I do like and use many of them.


PF has just about any kind of Finder window configuration you can imagine. Here is the main window (click for a larger image):

PF has many of the same features as the Apple Finder and then some. You can have multiple Tabs, you can drag folders to the top bar, there is a typical sidebar and lots of other stuff. At the top of the window you will see several small icons for different window configurations:

The one I use the most is side by side Finder windows (above screenshot). But, if you click any of the other icons you can get all kinds of pop out windows, called Shelves, to the side or bottom with tons of preview options and other information. Here is an example:

That is a picture of my cat Gabby. Handsome devil isn’t he?! You can change the Shelf pane to the bottom if you wish. There are several configurations available with copious amounts of information to say the least.


The sidebar has color icons and is customizable. You can resize it and move several of the icons around to different locations.

The thing I like best about it, besides the color icons, is you can hide any section you wish by clicking the small gear icon on the bottom left corner of the window. On my PF sidebar I have chosen to hide the “Search For” section. Just don’t really need that. You can hide or display whatever you wish. 

You can also hide “Devices” as well by clicking the same gear icon and selecting “Hide Device”. If I didn’t want my Time Machine HD or some other device to appear in the sidebar all I have to do is hide it. 

As you can see the sidebar has many similarities to the Apple Finder, but is capable of much more customization. This is representative of the whole scheme of PF, tons of customization.

To Be Continued in Path Finder – 2!!