Blogo Revisited

In my previous article on Blogo 2 I covered several of the main features. I want to continue that by talking about some of the other features such as Comments, Scheduling, Categories & Tags.


If you have run a blog for any length of time you know you have to deal with comments people make on your blog. Previous to Blogo 2 (B2), the comments from Macessence would be sent to me via email. I would have to click on a link to “Approve” or “Disapprove” a comment (you get Spam comments at times). Now, after receiving the notification from WordPress all I have to do is open Blogo and click on the “Comments” bubble like so:

If you have a new comment it will appear in the “Pending” pain. I do not have any pending comments right now so I selected the “Approved” pain to give you a feel for what the “Comments” area looks like. When a comment appears in “Pending” you can approve it, disapprove it and even reply to it. It works rather nicely and is much easier than logging into the blog to do all this stuff.


I have mentioned before that being able to schedule a blog article is totally awesome. I can do several articles at once and then schedule them for whenever I want. Needless to say, you are “Saving” your blog article frequently during it’s creation. When you hit the “Save” button B2 saves a draft of the article to the blog area on the server. It is not really saved on your hard drive, it is being saved up on the blog account on your server. But, after the article is completed you can Schedule it. here is what B2 Scheduling looks like:

You just click on the calendar symbol in the upper right corner of the window and you are presented with a, wait for it. . . calendar!! You can scroll through to different months. Click on a day and set the time and you are done. Once you have saved your article as a draft you can also click on the “Schedule” button at the bottom right corner of the window.

Categories & Tags

Your Categories and Tags are added at the bottom of the editing window like so:

The folks at B2 have just updated this area to have a drop down. The program will drop down a list of previously used Categories and Tags. However, they are currently working on creating some type of Category are where you can make a list of your categories to choose from which will be even better.

To create a Category just type in the word or words you wish. To create a Tag in B2 you have to put a “hash mark” before the tag as you can see from the above image.


Blogo 2 has many more features such as Synchronization with Evernote, Offline Mode, Notifications, etc, etc. And, the Blogo 2 team is busy creating even more cool stuff as well.

Just a note though. The program is a little buggy. There are problems with line spacing and sometimes it just gets wiggy (that is a tech term) and I just have to close it down and restart it. But, the Blogo 2 people are regularly updating the app with bug fixes. It is getting much nicer and easier to use all the time. Blogo 2 is a Mac only app, OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 or above is required.

As I stated in my previous article. I highly recommend getting Blogo 2 if you do any amount of blogging at all. It can only be purchased in the Mac App Store and only works on the WordPress platform at this time (Blogger and Tumblr to follow). Even at the full price of $30 (it is still on sale for $14.99) it would be worth every penny.