Yosemite Mail Fonts

iI know many people ‘diss’ Apple Mail pointing out it’s many flaws. I have used Apple Mail ever since the beginning of OS X. I really have liked the most recent versions over the years. Even though the Yosemite version of Mail is somewhat minimalist, I still like the app, but I do have one complaint.

My main complaint about Yosemite Mail is the fonts used to display the mailboxes and folders. This is a screenshot of a portion of the sidebar of my Mail program:

The fonts are a medium gray on a gray background. I know that is supposed to be the cutting edge minimalist look, but it is just hard to read! I want Apple to include some type of capability for adjusting these sidebar fonts so a mere mortal can read them. Yes, Apple Mail does have some font settings:

You can adjust some of the message fonts or the fonts for listing messages. But, there is no way to control any of the fonts in the program structure. 

I get the flattened, iOS look for Yosemite. I get Apple’s simplified, minimalist mentality. But, you can only carry that so far. Those ideas have to still remain within usability guidelines. To me, adding this font capability in the Mail app (maybe in the Finder as well?) would make the Yosemite version of Apple Mail eminently more user friendly. Just hoping Apple will “Think Different” on Mail’s customizability. What do you think?