Adware Medic

The Mac is relatively free of viruses and malware. But, one thing it does not block is Adware. When you visit some websites ads on the site can install annoying adware apps on your Mac. I use the wonderful Intego Virusbarrier app which blocks adware, but most virus programs do not do this. Enter Adware Medic by The Safe Mac.

Here is how the Adware Medic website describes adware:

Adware is unwanted software that uses sneaky and dishonest methods to get installed on your computer, and then changes the behavior of your web browser. Once installed, it does things like injecting advertisements into web pages, causing pop-up windows or tabs to open to advertising sites, and changing your home page and/or search engine.

Adware Medic is a one horse band, it only looks for and removes adware from your Mac. When you first boot it up it shows a donation screen. It is donation ware and worth a donation in my opinion. 

When you first open the program you get this screen:

Click on “Scan for Adware” and the app scans your Mac for any adware. This is the scanning window in action:

It shows a dialogue of the various adware it is scanning for. When it is finished it will present this window:

Adware Medic did not find any adware on my Mac because my Intego software monitors and removes it. But if it found adware on your Mac it would remove it. One more thing, if Adware Medic did not resolve your ad issue, then click on the “Next Steps” icon and you will be presented with a bunch of stuff you can do and check to further remove the annoyance.

If you are having issues with adware, I would recommend using this app. Make a small donation if you find it useful. Adware is a pain in the you know what, but it can be dealt a death blow with very little trouble.