If you are like me you will run at least one Mail application plugin. There are many of them available, they do enhance Mail’s functionality considerably. I use Mail Act-On from Indev Software and Attachment Tamer from Lokiware. They are both great plugins, but sometimes they do not work after an Mac OS update.

Enter stage right, MailPluginFix. I recently discovered MailPluginFix, downloaded it and used it for the first time. MailPluginFix is donationware. I have not donated yet, but I plan to do so. 

Things worked quite well on my first use. Case in point, I just updated Yosemite on my iMac to 10.10.1. All seems to be well except my Attachment Tamer plugin started acting a little wonky. This type of behavior with Mail plugins is quite common after an OS update. Sometimes the developers update their plugins right away and sometimes they do not.

When you run MailPluginFix it gives you this screen:

Make sure your plugin(s) is checked then just click on the green arrow. When you do MailPluginFix gives you this disclaimer:

It is important to note, if Mail is running MailPluginFix will prompt you to close it. After it ran I booted up my Mail app and checked on my Attachment Tamer plugin. All seemed to be working well.

To be quite honest I am not sure exactly how it fixes stuff, but this is the description from the MailPluginFix website:

Just start the application and you will see a list of all incompatible plugins for your current installation. Just select the ones you would like to fix and press the start button in the toolbar. All selected plugins will get patched with the UIDs of the current version and also all disabled plugins will be enabled again.

You best bet is to wait for an update from the plugin developer. But, if a particular developer is slow with updates then MailPluginFix may be the way to go. As far as I can determine it has not damaged anything on my machine and Mail and my plugins seem to be working well again. If you have several Apple Mail app plugins this program may be right for you. If you like it you can make a donation.