YouTube Conversion

I use a fair amount of YouTube videos on this blog and in other capacities as well. So, I have a need to be able to download and convert YouTube video files. There are tons of apps that do this, but I like Xilisoft Download YouTube Video

Xilisoft makes several different video editing apps. All of them are available from the App Store except their YouTube Video converter. The Xilisoft Download YouTube Video app (hereinafter referred to as XDYV, catchy name right?) is quite versatile. All you have to do to begin is paste an address for a YouTube video in the address area like so (click for larger images):

If you are at a particular video on the YouTube site it will automatically paste that videos address in for you. Then all you have to do is hit “Download” and follow the step by step guide in the window.

The video is downloaded for you and placed in the Movies Folder. You can click on the Folder icon and place it in another location if you wish. My converter is set to automatically convert, but if auto is not turned on then you should click on the convert button:

The XDYV will convert the video into whatever format you have selected in settings. Here is the settings area:

As you can see you can setup the video conversions default information many different ways. Mine is set to MP4 which is kind of universal, but the program will convert to all kinds of phone formats and other stuff as well:

You can see the various conversion algorithms available. After you select one just click the “Set as Default” button. Also, if you have a YouTube video imported already you can change the settings and save multiple versions.

XDYV works quite well in Yosemite. I have converted several videos with it, no problems whatsoever. The only drawback to this app is it costs $29. If it were a smidge cheaper it would be better, but if you download and convert a fair amount of YouTube videos it is worth the dinero for sure.