Battery Health

I have dealt with battery problems on Apple laptops for years. Recently I discovered a cool “free” program called Battery Health available on the Mac App Store. I put this app on our 2011 MacBook Air and my grandkids older Mac laptops. It is a totally cool app.

You can use the Mac OS to get an idea of your battery health on your Mac laptop, but there is an easier way. Just download a neat little app called Battery Health by FipLab Software from the App Store. My rating, along with many other peoples rating, is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

After Battery Health is installed it puts an icon in the Menubar that resembles a lightning bolt. When you click it you receive a drop down window like this:

The window is pretty self explanatory. The above picture is from my MacBook Air. Although the Air is 3 years old the battery is still in “Good” condition as you can see. This is so handy if you have a laptop. Pay particular attention to the “Cycles” setting. Supposedly, a Mac laptop starts to deteriorate at 300 “Cycles”, but I have seen them go much longer than that. This is especially helpful for older laptops.

If you click on the gear symbol in the upper left hand corner of this drop down window you get the “Preferences” area:

It does not have many options, but there are a few settings to have Battery Health startup at login. Basically, Battery Health is a one horse band, very simple to understand and free!! What’s not to like! If you are a laptop user just go to the App Store and download this little guy. It requires OS 10.7.4 or later. Then go to the FipLab website and check out the many other apps that they produce. They do nice work.