Camptune X

Just recently I decided to put my Windows 7 Professional install into a Bootcamp partition on my iMac. Running it in Parallels was just too clunky (tech terminology) and not native enough. Creating the Bootcamp partition and installing Win 7 into it was quite convoluted, but more on that later.

I thought that creating a Bootcamp partition of about 50 GB would be sufficient, but once I got Win 7 installed and installed several software packages it was almost full. So I started doing research on how to enlarge the Bootcamp partition using third party software. Then I remembered I purchased a cool little app from Paragon Software a while back called Camptune X which was designed to do just that. Paragon makes all kinds of software for manipulating Windows and Mac hard drives, I have used their software when doing Windoze tech support, but never on the Mac side.

I booted up Camptune X and was presented with this window

Just hit the “Continue” button and Camptune X scans your system to determine how much free space is available for the Bootcamp enlargement:

The scan can take quite a while so be patient. When it is done the program shows you the actual enlargement window:

You just drag the slider to increase the Bootcamp partition. Note that when you do it does take quite a while for Camptune X to rearrange so to speak. But when it is done you will have an enlarged Bootcamp partition.

My 50 GB Bootcamp partition formatted out to 46 GB on the Windows side of things. My enlarged 80 GB partition formatted out to 76 GB like so:

I now have a little breathing room on my Windows 7 install. I did not have to expand the Windows 7 install either, it was already expanded to take advantage of the additional space.

Never fear folks, I am a totally sold out Mac Dude. Always have been, always will be. But, I do use a Windows setup at times while working with the websites that I maintain and for a few other issues. I can tell you one thing, Win 7 works way better in Bootcamp than it ever did in Parallels. Much more responsive. It just acts and feels much more like a real Pee Cee.

If you need to use a Windows OS and you have the hard drive space, I highly recommend creating a Bootcamp partition for your Windows stuff. Yes, you have to reboot into it which is time consuming, but it works so much better.

Camptune X is great software, especially for the low price of $19.95. If you work with Bootcamp or are planning to do so I highly recommend getting Camptune X. I am sure you will need it at some point along the way.