Network Connections

I have been getting the dreaded “accept incoming network connection” error message off and on for a long time. Yes, you can go into the Security & Privacy Preference Pane and tell the Firewall to accept incoming connections from listed programs, but it still does not turn off this annoying error message.

Here is how this error message typically displays:

In this case I was opening FileMaker Pro which, of course, is already listed in the “Allow incoming applications” section of the Firewall. But, it still gives that very annoying message.

I have done tons (and I mean tons) of research on this issue. It dates back to the OS 10.6 Snow Leopard days!! I have tried all kinds of fixes. Some work for a bit, but the OS then reverts back to giving off this error message. I am using Yosemite, one would think Apple would have this fixed by now.

Eventually, the only fix for this on my iMac was to turn off the Firewall in OS X! I know that is not recommended, not a very secure situation to say the least. But, this whole mess forced me to remember that I have a very cool network security app on my Mac, NetBarrier by Intego software. NetBarrier is part of Intego’s Internet Security package which contains another very cool app called VirusBarrier. I have used VirusBarrier for years, but I have never really used NetBarrier that much. That just came to an end.

After reading some of the NetBarrier manual online, I opened it and set it up like so (click on the image for a larger version):

Intego products have a very good reputation. All of my research on NetBarrier revealed it to be a very effective product. I am leaving Apple’s troublesome Firewall off. I think I am very well protected using NetBarrier.

Yes, Apple has it’s builtin XProtect malware software, but most security experts recommend either using the OS X Firewall or some third party network security software.

There are other network security apps for the Mac platform. I have not used these but have read good reviews for Little SnitchKaspersky Internet SecurityMcAfee Internet Security and others. If you are getting the dreaded “Allow incoming applications” warning message all the time then install a third party network security app and turn off your Apple Firewall.