Spotlight Index

At times the Spotlight search feature in OS X can start behaving badly. This is an indicator that the Spotlight Index is corrupted and needs to be rebuilt. This is a great article on just how to do that using OS X. But if you own a Mac utility app there is an easier way.

If you own the very cool Mac utility app MacPilot just click on “System” in the left sidebar and then the Spotlight tab. Once you have selected your main hard drive click on the “Rebuild” button:

It takes a while to rebuild the index, but it works just fine. If you have another cool Mac utility called Cocktail open the app and click on the “System” icon. Then click on the “Spotlight” tab, choose your Mac hard drive from the dropdown and click the “Erase” button.

After the Spotlight index is erased, Spotlight will automatically build a new one. Keep in mind your computer responsiveness may take a bit of a hit while Spotlight is rebuilding the index.

If you have the ubiquitous utility Onyx, navigate to the Maintenance icon, check the box “Spotlight Index” and then click the “Execute” button. Keep in mind that there are other items on this page that can be rebuilt so make sure you only have the “Spotlight Index” checked.

If Spotlight is giving you trouble, acting a little wonky, just rebuild the index. You can do it manually on your Mac or use one of many Mac utility programs to do it for you.