I know I have had several articles on the very cool app Alfred. Today I wanted to mention the Snippets feature. If you use clipboard..
This is no big deal, but if you use an alarm clock type program then you might consider using the just released Timeless Alarm Clock..
We have had articles on the Mail Drop feature on the Mac, but this article explains how to use it in iOS 9.2. If you..
In my previous article on Permissions Repair in El Capitan I mentioned a few applications that will still run Permissions if you choose to do..
In keeping with all the hard drive formatting I have been doing lately, I thought this article on different ways you can format an external..
I wanted to bring you another installment of the Alfred app's capabilities. I am talking about Workflows, either templates or ones you can make from..
I am not a big on using keyboard command apps, but recently I have had to make an exception for a cool app called Alfred...
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