OK, my wife and I are just fed up with all the ads (especially popup ads) we find in our Safari web browsing. You know how it works. You go to a web site researching something then when you go to other websites ads for what you were researching (shopping for) are on the new website. Not any more!!

There are some settings in Safari that kind of help with blocking these annoying ads, but they are not terribly effective in my opinion. Did some research into the Safari Extensions area and found a really cool app called AdBlock. Blocking these annoying ads may not be a big deal to you but for me AdBlock is web browsing nirvana. Here is how it works.

The Setup

AdBlock is “pay-what-you-want” software. The creators do ask for a donation, trust me it is worth donating. Once you buy (donate) for AdBlock it is downloaded onto your Mac. If you have never installed an Extension in Safari this is what they look like on your Mac:

All you have to do is double-click and it will be installed in Safari. Here is what it looks like in the Safari Preferences Extensions area:

I highly recommend clicking on the AdBlock Options button and checking out the options. They appear in a Safari window:

You can experiment with some of these settings. For instance, I choose to continue to run the sidebar ads from Google Searches. These just seem to blend in with the rest of the Google page, so I have allowed them to remain by checking the box “I like the text ads on Google search results”. By providing these and other settings it is apparent the program authors understand how people interact with Internet ads.

After AdBlock is installed it puts an icon in the menubar area of Safari like so:

When you click on the AdBlock icon you get a dropdown menu (see above). Besides giving you Options you might wonder “why the other settings”. I will get to that in a minute.

I have been running AdBlock for a couple of days and here is my take. It is wonderful!! I have gone to tons of websites, researched products here and there on various websites. The end result: No ads!! My wife and I love this, we really do. But, there is a downside here.

The Downside

If you are running AdBlock you may miss some ads you would have investigated. I do on occasion click through on an ad on a website that interests me, but admittedly this is very rare. Also, some websites depend on their ad revenue to stay afloat. I can think of several Mac Tech sites that I visit that depend heavily on ad revenue. The developer has accounted for this by including the “Don’t Run On This Page” command in Options. I have tested this out by selecting the “Don’t Run On This Page” on a couple of Mac Tech sites that I wish to support. It does work. The ads came back immediately.

The Bottomline

So, here is my bottom line take on all of this. AdBlock is an excellent Safari Extension that works as advertised (pardon the expression). However, I think we need to use it thoughtfully!! I don’t need advertisements for hotel websites I was visiting recently to appear on my newsfeed or on some other website that I am currently reading for content. But, I do not want to harm good websites that I want to support. Yes, many of these Mac sites have a donation tab, and believe it or not I do donate occasionally. 

In an attempt to try to use AdBlock intelligently I have arrived at this “plan of action”. I will leave AdBlock ON most of the time, but I will use the “Don’t Run On This Page” feature on pages that I wish to support (mostly Mac tech blogs). I salute the author(s) of AdBlock Michael Gundlach and his wife Katie for being so thoughtful to include the “Don’t Run On This Page” feature. 

Just an aside, you may have noticed that I have an “ad” at the bottom of my Macessence blog page. It is just a Google Ads type of ad. It brings in a small amount of revenue, but if you get AdBlock and decide to not use the “Don’t Run On This Page” feature on my blog, no worries. I know ads are annoying, let your conscience be your guide.

AdBlock is an excellent Safari Extension, I highly recommend it. If you can at all manage to do so please make a small (or large) donation. I would rate AdBlock ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars. It is good stuff.


PS Just want to mention that when I recommend that my readers buy or donate toward some type of software I get nothing from it. I am not affiliated with any of these products other than being a happy user.