Get Backup Folders

In my previous article on Belight Software’s Get Backup application I covered some of what the “Backup” panel can do and some of the app’s more general functionality. Now I want to go into the “Synchronization” panel and how my friend and I setup the synchronization of some folders for his business.


My friend purchased the “Pro” version of Get Backup for $9.95 mainly so he could have the “incremental” backup and sync capabilities of the app. This is what you will see when you open the “Synchronization” pane (click the image for a larger version, I have supplied the red labeling):

Before you start anything I highly recommend going to your backup media (external HD, thumb drive, etc.) and creating the folder(s) into which you will be backing up your files. You do not have to name them exactly the same as the folders on your Mac, but they should be named so you know what is in there right?

Once you have done that then you click on “Choose” in the “Left Target” area of the Get Backup Pro window, navigate to and select the folder(s) you wish to backup. They will appear in the left pane. Then click on “Choose” in the “Right Target area of the Get Backup Pro window, navigate to your backup media and select the backup folder. Don’t forget to setup the properties for this particular backup project by clicking on the “Properties” button bottom right corner of the window. See my previous article on setting up the “Properties”.

Once you click the big blue button Get Backup asks you to name the project:

Remember, Get Backup Pro saves these settings into a “Project”. I will show you how helpful projects are in just a moment. Once Get Backup Pro finishes the backup I recommend going to your backup media to make sure your stuff looks right.


OK, here is the value of how Get Backup Pro uses a “project” motif. Look at the above screenshot. If you look closely (click on the image for a larger version if you need to do so) at the bottom of the left side pane you will see a file called job.sparkle. This is a file created with a very cool website design program called Sparkle. For purposes of this article I opened this file in the Sparkle app, altered and saved it. When you open the Get Backup Pro window and open this specific project you need to then click on the “Analyze” button bottom left of the window. You are telling the app to check this folder (this project) for changes. After doing this Get Backup Pro showed the file in question as a green color:

If you follow the red box from left to right you see the green arrow pointing to the same file on your backup media. Get Backup Pro is telling you it is going to do an “incremental” backup of that file because it has changed. The other files will not be backed up again, they have not changed. But, here is the cool part. You do NOT have to setup the backup of this folder again because Get Backup Pro saved it as a “Project”.  To sync a folder (or any others) you open Get Backup Pro and look at the bottom of the main window. Your projects will be listed there. Just click on the project to open it, click on the Analyze button and hit the blue button. Done!

Yes, you can use the “Backup” pane to backup all kinds of stuff. You can use the “Clone” pane to clone your drive (have not tried this yet), but if you just need to backup and/or mirror a few folders then by all means use the “Synchronization” pane. Once you have a sync project setup in Get Backup Pro you are three clicks away from backing up your stuff; click on the project to open it, Analyze, then click on the blue button.

I highly recommend Get Backup Pro. It is worth every dime and is a very versatile backup solution. It will pretty much do what most people need in the way of backing up their files.