Safari Mess

A reader commented recently that he had installed a utility app on his Mac that had messed up his Safari. He asked if there was any way to do a “Reset” in Safari using the Terminal application. I did a bunch of research on this, but did not find much information. However, I did find an easier way.

I advised him to download and install the wonderful Onyx utility application.  I have used this app for years. It works well and does not harm your Mac in any way. Then I directed him to the Cleaning tab and then the Internet section like so:

It comes with certain boxes checked but you can check them all off if you wish. Just hit Execute and Onyx will do a thorough “Reset” of the Safari Web browser. Yes, you can run the Clear History and Website Data command in Safari to do this, but his Safari was damaged somehow and the menus were grayed out. At any rate I think Onyx does a much more thorough job of resetting Safari than the Clear History command anyway.

Of course, Onyx is free, actually considered to be donation ware. So he could download it and use it at no cost to him. And, he had a good general utility app for future use.

If you are having trouble with Safari and the Clear History and Website Data command is not working for you I highly recommend the Onyx solution. It may not fix your issue, but at least you will know that a “Reset” was not the answer and can move on to other possible solutions.