I am not an avid word processor user. Yes, I do a couple of blogs and run a few websites, but I mostly use blogging software and web design apps to create the content I need. However, that might change very soon.

Recently, Realmac Software released a fun little word processing app called Typed. It is the most lean, stripped down word processor I have ever used, but it is fun. It bills itself as a “writing for the web” application. Here is what Realmac says:

Typed is built to help you write for the web without the need to know any code – Typed generates it all for you.

However, you can export files in either HTML or RTF format. I say it is just a good little word processor whether you are writing for the web or not, but I digress.

The Side Menu

Typed has many typical menu items under File, Edit, Format, View, etc. But the handy part of this app is the popout menu on the left side of the writing window (click on the image for a larger version):

If you click on the “T” you get this:

You can write in black on white text (the white circle), brown on tan text (brown circle) and white on black text (black circle). I am using the brown on tan motif as I write this article. Just an aside, you can go into a kind of focused editing mode using any of these color schemes. Just click on the green “full screen” button in the menubar and you are writing away with no distractions (except for the dog, the cat and the kids of course). Also, as you can see you can click on the font dropdown and select from a few other fonts. These font choices are for editing purposes only, whatever your eyes like.

If you would like to preview what your document will look like in HTML just click on the “glasses icon”. 

The screen slides to the left to show you your preview. Click on the arrow to go back into editing mode.

Last, but not least you can share your document in several different ways by clicking on the “Share” icon.

As you can see you can even save into HTML format. I checked this by copying as HTML and then pasting into TextWrangler, an HTML editing app. It does work.

Zen Mode

One of the interesting things about this app is something called “Zen” mode. You can go to the Menus area and you will see the “Zen” menu. 

If you “Enter Zen Mode” the program plays quiet soundtracks in the background while you are working. It takes some getting used to, but it is kind of nice. Needless to say, Typed strives for a totally focused writing environment. 

Browse All Versions

Typed has many of the usual commands in the Menu area. However, one feature that may come in handy is the “Revert To / Browse All Versions” in the File menu. When you select that command Typed uses the versioning feature of OS X Yosemite and goes into Time Machine and shows you all the versions of your document. This is a handy feature if you wanted to go to an early jumping off point in your document and take a different direction so to speak.

The Bottom Line

All in all Typed is a nice word processing environment. It does not have all the bells and whistles of Pages, or Word. It is designed to allow you to “focus” on your writing. That is one of the features I like best, the ability to go into a “focused”, full screen mode and write away. Typed costs $24.99, but you can find it on sale at times. If you do a lot of writing and/or writing for the web then I do recommend this app.