Winclone 4

OK, if you have been following my previous article on creating and resizing a Bootcamp partition on my iMac you will be up to speed for this information on cloning the Bootcamp partition. I did some research on this and discovered that the usual cloning apps do not do such a good job of this so I turned to Winclone 4 by TwoCanoes Software (yes, that is their real name).

So, I have Win 7 running pretty well in my Bootcamp setup. But, I wanted to back it up incase the whole Windoze shebang goes haywire (it’s inevitable really). After doing research on this I decided to get the Home Edition of Winclone 4 for $29. It is worth it believe me, this is really cool software.

The first thing I did was make a partition on one of my external HD’s and formatted it FAT32 using the Disk Utility app. For more info on doing this see my previous article. Once the partition was created I opened Winclone. Here is the main window (click on the image for a larger view):

All you have to do is select the Bootcamp drive in the left hand column. The program presents alternatives in the right hand window. Select your newly created Bootcamp partition and click on “Restore To Volume”. You will then be presented this window with a progress bar:

This cloning process took quite a while. My original Bootcamp drive is 80Gb. Be patient, just let it go in the background while you do other things. When it is finished Winclone 4 gives you this message:

I just clicked OK, but you can choose the “Startup Disk” and set it to boot from the new Bootcamp if you wish (Windows 7 does not boot reliably from an external drive, Windows 8 apparently does a little better).

That really is all there is too it. Oh, by the way, Winclone can expand or shrink a Windows File System. That is pretty handy as well.

If you work with Bootcamp to any degree or wish to start doing so then I recommend Winclone 4. It may just be a life saver for you.


PS – Since the Clone of Win 7 does not boot really well I just decided to create an image of my Win 7 Bootcamp install. I store the image in a separate partition on one of my drives with a date on it. If I do some major installs or other stuff that reconfigures Win 7 then I can just do another image with the current date.