Occasionally I buy small utilities to test out and run on my Mac. xScan by adnx software is a system and hardware monitoring utility. Most of the stuff that is monitored in xScan can be found in various apps in the Mac OS, but the xScan interface is so much nicer and user friendly.

xScan costs $9.99 from the App Store. If you just wanted to have all your Mac monitoring in one place this may be the way to go. xScan allows you to place it’s toolbar on the left or right side of the screen. When you click on one of the icons it pops out to display it’s information:

xScan monitors all kinds of stuff on your Mac. Here is the Processors section:

Granted you do not have to constantly monitor all these areas. However, if you were having problems with your machine, especially hardware problems, it might be good to run xScan for a while to see what you could see.  Here is the Memory section:

And, here is the Disks section which is particularly informative:

If you look at the upper left hand corner of the above screenshot you will see a small “+” symbol. If you click that the module you are viewing will detach and you can view it in it’s own separate window like so (click for larger image):

Not every section has this capability, but it is kind of handy because of the way it presents the information a little differently. 

xScan runs on all the major operating systems:

I have only used it on my Mac, of course. xScan has a few Preferences:

You can start xScan at Login and you can even set it up to email you if any issues occur. xScan does monitor your system and will report any problems (running out of memory, full hard drive, etc.) it sees. Here is an example of one of it’s warnings (click for a larger image):

There are other monitoring sections in xScan such as Networking, Sensors (temperature and power consumption), History (recent crashes), etc. I just wanted to show you a few of the more prominent ones so you could get a feel for the program. Also, xScan has a small button at the bottom of it’s sidebar menu that allows you to expand and/or minimize the app, thus putting it out of the way.

xScan is fun to use and has a very nice interface. If you do not wish to go digging around on your Mac system for other monitoring utilities then I highly recommend it. At $9.99 you cannot go wrong.