Duplicate Annihilator 2

In my previous article on Brattoo’s Duplicate Annihilator I covered most of the basics of how the app works. I want to move into using the Custom setup and also how to make DA more automated, tuning up your iPhoto library the easy way.

To customize your scan you go into the Preferences area of DA and select the Custom setting in “Detection Mode”. Then the settings to the left under Algorithm will be used. They recommend using the SHA1 checksum setting. I also decided to use File Size as well, but you can choose other parameters to your liking:

Now look down in the window to the “Actions” area. For this pass I checked “Move duplicates and thumbnails to the trash” setting. That way when DA is done finding duplicates I do not have to go into iPhoto and search the “Comments” area, all I have to do is look in the Trash folder if I wish. If you prefer, you can set DA to go ahead and empty the Trash for you, but sometimes I kind of like to take a look in there before I empty it. 

Once you go back into the Find duplicates tab and hit Scan DA presents you with this explanatory warning:

It is telling you that it is going to use your settings to do the scan. When DA is done it presents you with this rather daunting window”

Now you can go into your iPhoto Trash and do a little checking. However, I have learned to just go into iPhoto and Empty the Trash.

The first time I ran DA in Magic mode it said it removed over 1,000 duplicates. When I ran it in this Custom mode it removed about 600 more duplicates. I think setting your own Algorithms and running in Custom mode may be a bit more granular, that is what I will use going forward.

All in all I have reduced my iPhoto library by a few GB’s which is always good. My migration into the upcoming Photos app should go a little more smoothly. 

Brattoo has an Aperture and iOS version of Duplicate Annihilator. I am sure they will provide a version for the new Photos app. By the way, Duplicate Annihilator is compatible with Yosemite OS 10.10.

This is a great little application, for $7.95 it is worth every dime. I highly recommend it.