iPhone Landscape Issue

A friend of mine asked me to research an issue he was having on his iPhone. Apparently, his iPhone 6 would get stuck in Landscape orientation after he unlocked it. After doing some research for him I discovered that this is a major issue with the iPhone 6 and 5s. It is all over the place in Apple Discussions and other places on the web.

I have not experienced this issue on mine or my wife’s 5s iPhones. It appears to be intermittent, kind of hit and miss as to who is affected. No one seems to know what causes it. 

My friend continued to do research along with me. He finally discovered an answer on Apple Discussions which was to “Reset All Settings” on the iPhone.

On your iPhone 5s or 6 go into Settings > General > Reset. There you will see “Reset All Settings” at the top of the page like so:

It will ask you for your passcode and give you a description of what it is doing. None of your data will be lost! It does not remove your data, just resets the iOS on the iPhone. I highly recommend that you have a backup of your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes before doing this just to be safe.

This is a pretty drastic measure to fix this landscape orientation issue. Once your iPhone is reset and restarts you still have to enter a bunch of information into the settings area to get your iPhone back to “normal”, a real hassle to say the least. 

If you are affected by this landscape orientation issue then you might wish to consider this fix. Apparently, the latest update (iOS 8.1.3) did not fix this problem. My research showed it has been around since the latter part of 2014, you would think Apple would have fixed it by now. Hopefully, they will straighten it out in a future update to iOS 8. 

My friend has been using his iPhone 6 for about a week now and the landscape orientation issue remains gone. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this fix actually works long term.