iTunes Downloads

Do you ever have any problems with iTunes requiring you to enter your Apple ID password several times when you open it? You would not believe how much grief people have over this issue. Typically, I have to put in my password 3-4 times! Extremely annoying to say the least. But, I “may” have found a solution.

My research revealed all kinds of supposed fixes for this iTunes password issue. The one that “seems” to have worked for me (I do mean seems to have worked, might change at any moment) is as follows.

The authentication window that pops up looks like this:

Notice that the window states something about using the computer for “Automatic Downloads”. My research revealed some people had success at killing this annoying authentication by changing some settings in the iTunes Preferences:

Once you go into iTunes Preferences just click on the “Store” icon. The “Store” area has a whole section on “Automatic Downloads”. I have unchecked the box “Always check for available downloads” and all the boxes above that (yes you see “Apps” checked, but I have since unchecked it). 

I then restarted iTunes. All seems to be working OK, but the bottom line is, only time will tell. If you are having this annoying problem (you’d think Apple might fix this?) then by all means try this fix. I hope it works for you.