Sound Off

I have the usual sounds popping off in my Yosemite install on my iMac. However, the other day I noticed (not sure why it just dawned on me) that there were notification sounds for just about everything that was happening on my machine! It was driving me crazy, my wife even noticed it. So I set out on a mission to turn some of the noise off.

Did some snooping around and found my solution in the Notifications Pref Pane:

After entering the Notifications Pref Pane I noted that if I selected a software app in the left hand column of the window these settings presented themselves in the right side of the window:

The box for “Play sound for notifications” was always checked. So I unchecked it for the Mail app. Mail has it’s own System sound for delivered mail, but at least I was not getting two sounds anymore!! Then I started looking through several of the apps in the left hand column. My focus was on the apps that I interact with the most (thus the ones that made the most noise). Here is the Messages app:

I definitely turned that one off. I ended up turning off a few others, but left most of them on since I do not use many of the other applications that often.

Now that my iMac experience is much quieter. I should mention one more thing. You can activate the “Do Not Disturb” feature in the Notifications area like so:

Just click on “Do Not Disturb” in the left hand column and see your settings in the right side of the window. As you can see mine is set to not be disturbed (no incoming sounds) between 11 PM to 6 AM. Obviously, you could set this to a larger time window and have even less sounds, whatever works.

Now that I have turned off many annoying Notifications I am pretty much just back to the regular System Sounds that I am used to hearing. This just restores a little more sanity to my day. If all this Yosemite noise is getting to you then you might want to give this fix a try.