App Store Error

Apple’s services (App Store, Mail, iCloud) are really quite reliable. When something goes wrong in my Yosemite OS the last place I look is at Apple Services. I usually look every place else first. So, what to do when I got the “Status_Code_Error” trying to login to the App Store recently.

I was trying to update an App in the App Store and got this error:

I have never seen that before have you? Did a bunch of research online and ended up removing App Store Preferences and a couple of other Preferences in the user Library Preferences folder. I did not trash them, just dragged them to the Desktop and then restarted the App Store application to see if it was a fix, but no joy. I then put the various Preferences back into the folder since they were not the problem.

Then, in my research someone gave a link to the Apple Services, Stores and iCloud support page on Apple’s website. This shows the status of all Apple’s Services:

Lo and behold the App Store showed an outage! It wasn’t anything on my machine. In my experience it is very rare for any of Apple’s Services to be down, but it does happen on occasion I guess. Just had to wait until later in the day and the update worked just fine.

You might want to bookmark the Apple Services, Stores and iCloud page for future reference. Not a bad idea to include it in your troubleshooting routine if any Apple Services are no working properly, for no other reason than as a process of elimination.