iPhone Alerts!

Our iPhones are talking to us all day long with various alerts for emails, texts etc. I think over time it just blends in, we get used to it. However, there is one type of alert than can be particularly jarring that falls under the heading of Government Alerts. If you have ever had one of these go off on your iPhone you would never forget!!

I bring you this information with a certain amount of ambivalence. After all, these alerts occur for a reason. They are usually Amber Alerts and other Emergency Alerts in your geographic area. However, they are extremely loud and disruptive, especially if you leave your iPhone on all night, perhaps it is your only phone?

If you wish to turn off these alerts then go into Settings and then Notifications like so:

Once in Notifications scroll to the very bottom of the screen. You will see “Government Alerts”:

If you wish to disable these alerts just tap on each one which turns them off. Yes, the downside is you will not be getting any major alerts on your iPhone. I try to make up for this by receiving alerts from one of our local TV stations. The alert just comes in the form of a text, which on my iPhone has a very “normal” sound. I suppose that getting these TV station alerts is not quite as good as the “Government Alerts”, but they sure are more bearable.

If you don’t feel comfortable turning off “Government Alerts”, no worries. Just leave them on. But, if you wish to turn them off for a while as an experiment you know where to go.