Mac Tuneup

A friend of mine asked me to clean up her MacBook Pro. It was not running well, and just had a few problems. Plus, she was running OS 10.7 Lion on it and wanted the OS upgraded to a more current version. This is an Early 2011 MacBook Pro 15”. The physical machine is in very good shape.

The first thing I did was boot into the Mac and put it on my home network. She left me a list of problems on the Desktop. I quickly fixed most of them, mostly just settings in Safari and stuff like that. Then I booted into my Tech hard drive with all my Mac repair programs on it.

The next thing I did was to run good old DiskWarrior  I am running the new 5.0 version. I was planning to upgrade this Mac to the Mountain Lion OS, but wanted to make sure that Lion was running well before doing so (yes I know I can take this Mac to Yosemite, but my friend is not open to drastic changes). DiskWarrior rebuilt the directory. Just to make sure all was OK I booted back into the Lion OS. Everything booted fine so I started up back into my Tech Drive.

Next I ran the Physical Drive Check module in the Drive Genius program. This checks the hard drive for any bad sectors or any other problems like a bad hard drive cable.

My experience has been that if a drive has bad sectors just go ahead and replace it. In the old days people would use programs to try to isolate the sectors and continue to use the drive, but it really is not worth doing that. Hard drives (spinners) are relatively inexpensive. SSD drives are coming down in price. Just replace the drive and save yourself future hassles. 

Drive Genius reported that the HD was OK so I decided to run Apple’s hardware test (AHT) just for safety sake. To run AHT on this Early 2011 Macbook Pro restart your Mac and hold down the Option and the letter “D” keys until you see the AHT window like so:

Click on “Test” and away you go. AHT did not find any problems on this Macbook Pro. The normal test takes about 3-4 minutes.

Once AHT was done I booted from my Tech drive again and installed OS 10.8 Mountain Lion. After the installI booted into Mac and update 10.8 to the most current version. 

I then proceeded to test several applications to see how they performed with the new OS. All the apps seem to  run quite well. However, my friend complained of some kind of popup ads about viruses. Sure enough, after using Safari for a while I was getting the popup ads as well. Did some looking around, but finally just downloaded my old buddy, Adware Medic. I ran it and it found several ads in the Launch Services area. After it cleaned them I did a restart and the ads were gone.

All in all the tuneup of this Mac went quite well. Cleaned out a bunch of junk, upgraded the OS and removed the Ads. It is running like a top.