OS X’s spellcheck capabilities are pretty good. Of course, they don’t have every word from everywhere in their dictionary, but you can always add them. I use this feature quite a bit in writing this blog. I am always using company names and other tech slang but the Mac always wants to change them to something it recognizes.

If you are writing an article, a book or just an email, and you find yourself using non-dictionary cleared words you can save yourself a lot of time by teaching the Mac how to spell them. 

Many programs on the Mac allow you to tell the system to “learn” the word. Here is an example from Apple’s Pages:

Just right-click on the word in question and select “Learn Spelling”. The Mac Spellcheck will never bother you again when you use that word.

As I mentioned above, I use all kinds of slang and company names in my blog posts. It is a real pain to try to change the word each time the Mac OS changes it to something it knows for me. But, my blogging app of choice, Blogo, does not allow this type of “Learn Spelling”. So, you have to take an extra step. If you are working in an app that is not coded to use the “Learn Spelling” function then just right-click on the word in question and choose “Show Spelling & Grammar”:

When you do, this window will pop up:

Then, click on “Learn” and the spellchecker will learn that word. A bit more convoluted, but you are essentially doing the same thing.

If you are not already using this learn spelling feature you should be. It certainly saves you a lot of time wrestling with the Mac OS spellchecker dictionary.