CleanApp Continued

In my last article I covered the Programs and Maintenance areas of the new CleanApp 5. In this installment I want to look at the Clean Up and More areas. As I said previously, CleanApp has morphed into a swiss army knife clean up program.

Clean Up

The Clean Up area removes Temp Files, Log Files and that kind of stuff on your HD:

It is a good way to gain back some space on your machine. Other programs perform this type of function, but it is nice to have all this stuff in one place. If you look at the lower half of this window you see the “Further used drive space” section. Notice that the above section is labeled, “Files to remove safely”. If you are going to use this lower section do so with a great deal of caution. Especially the App Data area:

Again, be very careful in this App Data area. When you select an app in the left hand column you will see stuff that is considered “App Data” in the right hand column. Applications use these files (Further Files, Preference Files, Application Support Files) in their day to day operations. However, you might use this area in a troubleshooting step. You may need to remove the Pref files of an app. Finding all the Pref files of an application can be daunting. Nice that CleanApp 5 does it for you. You may wish to remove (at times) some of the Application Support Files. Whatever may be useful for your troubleshooting procedures. But, to just go through here and remove stuff would be a very bad idea.

At any rate, once you have selected the app then you can hit Delete All and whatever is listed in the right hand column will be removed. However, if you only wish to delete the Preference Files just click on the waste basket to the right and only the Pref Files will be deleted (a nice touch).

Once you have used the Clean Up area you can still do a ton more things under the More heading.


If you click on the More section you will see tons of different settings and areas you can look at and clean up. I cannot begin to list all the things you can research and monitor in this More area:

I cannot possibly go through all these areas here. I have looked through some of these items. They really make it easier to find stuff in your system without having to do it manually. Give it a test drive and see what interests you.

As I mentioned in my previous article, CleanApp 5 is a totally useful application. I highly recommend it, if for no other reason to ensure that when you delete an application you delete the whole thing. Nothing left behind to clog up your system. Get this app if you can, it is worth every cent.