CleanMyMac 3: What’s New?

A while back I did a review of the excellent Mac cleanup utility app CleanMyMac from Macpaw software. Macpaw has just released CleanMyMac 3 (CMM3) with some Yosemite fixes and new features. For an overview of what CMM2 does see my previous article. Today I want to look at some of the new features in CMM3.

Overview of CMM3

CleanMyMac 3 is a nice improvement over version 2. The interface has been Yosemite-ized. It is flattened out, but still looks very clean and is easy to use. Here is the main window, very similar to previous versions, but flattened out (click on the image for a larger, more readable version):

Before we go any further let me just say that CMM3 is $19.95 for current owners and $39.95 for a new user. Not inexpensive, but a very sophisticated and thorough application.

It has new icons and more explanatory material in each section of the program. I really do appreciate this type of information, sometimes you just want to drill down into a cleanup area and see what it really does. Having said this lets take a look at some of the new cleanup features of CMM3.

Mail Attachments

It is dangerous to mess with someone’s email, but there are some ways to cleanup junk inside the Mail application in OS X. This is the Mail Attachments cleanup window:

If provides some good explanatory information. Just click on the scan button and the app presents you with the results:

It shows the amount of space that can be saved but it also offers the “Preview Details” button. I highly recommend going into the “Details” area of these various categories to see what is actually taking place. If you click on “Review Details” in Mail Attachments cleanup you will see something like this:

Here you will see the types of files being removed and each file within each type. You can get very granular in these cleanup areas. Keep in mind each one of CMM3’s cleanup categories offers this “Detail” approach. Yes, you can elect to just use the “Smart Cleanup” button in the main window, but it is not a bad idea to see if you agree with what “Smart Cleanup” actually thinks is smart.

One more thing about the Mail Attachments cleanup area. Before even beginning to use this function you need to decide if you want to remove any attachments at all! This is a very sensitive part of your stuff so a little thought needs to go into this. When you go into the “Details” area here CMM3 provides a pretty good explanation of what it is removing and why. Be sure to read it before proceeding.

Also, as far as I can tell, the Mail Attachments cleanup only works with Apple Mail. I may be wrong on this point, if you know for sure please let me know in Comments.

I think this is plenty of information for one article. In my next installment on CMM3 I will cover the new iTunes Junk and Privacy features. Until then, this upgrade is worth every dime as far as I am concerned. I have used it a few times on my iMac without any issues.