CleanMyMac3: Continued

In my last article on CCM3 I covered an overview of the app and the Mail Attachments cleanup section. Now I want to cover the iTunes Junk and Privacy cleanup sections. There are a few other new areas in CMM3, but I think these are the main improvements that we need to look at.


iTunes Junk Cleanup

The iTunes Junk cleanup section is nice addition to CMM3. Believe it or not there is a lot of stuff that could be considered junk in iTunes, depending on what is important to you to retain or remove. Here is the main window of the iTunes Junk category (click on the image for a larger more readable version):

Before you hit “Scan” stop and read what this function actually does. CMM3 provides an overview in this window. After you have scanned your Mac with the iTunes Junk category you will see a window similar to this one:

Again, you can just accept the results and click on “Clean” or preferably, click on “Review Files” to see more detail of what CMM3 is going to do. If you do go into “Review Files” you will see this window:

As in the previous detail areas, you have the categories of the cleanup on the left and the the actual files being cleaned from each category in the right column. I didn’t mention this in my last article, but as you browse through the categories on the left you can select which files to delete, select all files in that category to delete or deselect all files. If you use the detail mode you have lots of ability to manage what each category actually removes.

The other section I wanted to touch on in the new CMM3 is Privacy. It was rather thoughtful of Macpaw to include this area in their app in my opinion.

Privacy Cleanup

Lets face it, computer and personal privacy are a big deal today and rightly so. For Macpaw to include a Privacy area just makes sense right? The main Privacy window looks like so:

You see the usual overview explanation of what is going to be cleaned. And, of course, there is the “Select Items” window, the Privacy sections version of “Details”. When you enter into “Select Items” you see something similar to this window, your version will depend on how many and which browsers you are using:

This is a nicely thought out section. As usual the categories, or in this case web browsers, are in the left column and the specific items to delete from the browser are in the right column. The “Time range to clear” feature at the top of the window is a very nice touch. You can clear out web data from as far back as is convenient for you. Very cool indeed.

One more thing about the Privacy area, it removes your chat history from Skype and Messages! Now that is interesting. Yes, perhaps one might want to delete text history if they were talking bad about their boss or something.


CleanMyMac 3 is a very nice improvement over earlier versions of the application. They have added very useful new cleanup categories. I will be using it going forward. If you are serious about keeping your Mac nice and pristine (in good working order) this is one tool that would prove to be very helpful. Check out the CMM3 webpage for more information.

SPECIAL NOTE: Just wanted to mention, after doing this series of article on CleanMyMac3 I came across another Mac blog with what I consider to be a very thorough article. It is called SoftwareHow by JP Zhang. Give his CleanMyMac3 article a read, it is quite good.