Enolsoft PDF Compressor

OK, if you consistently need to do things to PDF files then go to Enolsoft’s website. They have a bazillion apps for manipulating PDF’s! I use a couple of their apps, one of which is PDF Compressor. I frequently find myself needing to slim down a PDF file for emailing. Sometimes PDF’s can get huge, depending on their content.

Enolsoft PDF Compressor works wonders in compressing PDF files. A case in point is a flyer that my wife wanted to send out to our garden club. The flyer was very professionally made, very nice looking. But, it was fairly large at about 5MB. So, I popped it into Enolsoft PDF Compressor. Here is the main window of this app:

You can drag a PDF into the window (or several PSF’s) or click the “Add Files” button. Once the file is in the window there are several things to note:

The program shows you the size of the PDF on the left and what it is going to be after compression. But, do not accept that compression value, it can be adjusted. We will look at that in a second.

If you look at the bottom of the window you will see that Enolsoft PDF Compressor is going to save the file to their folder located in the OS X Movies folder. If you wish to save these files elsewhere click on the bottom radio button and save them to another location.

Now, after you have dragged your PDF into the window click on the small button (circled) in the upper right corner of the window. You will be taken to this window:

The program defaults to the “Maximum Compression” setting. It refers to it as “Minimal Size”. You can experiment  with these settings, but I have consistently used the top setting, “Normal Compression” which works very nicely. The PDF that I was compressing was heavy in graphic content, but it came out great. Anyway, all you have to do after selecting your level of compression is hit “OK”. You will then be back at this window:

Just hit the “Compress” button bottom right corner. Enolsoft PDF Compressor does it’s compression thing and advises you when it is finished. Then navigate to wherever you are saving these files and you have your compressed version. 

I want to mention two totally cool things about this app. First, it is super fast!. The compression is almost instantaneous. Granted, a 2MB file is not too large, but larger files are fairly fast too. Second, the compressed file looks great! I could hardly tell the difference from the original, especially on a computer. It did not print out quite as nice as the original, but if your PDF is primarily being viewed on screen, it is excellent. 

There is one caveat here. Some PDF files, depending on their construction, do not compress very much. YMMV depending on what you are compressing.

Enolsoft PDF Compressor costs $29. If I remember correctly I think I got it on sale somehow. If you need to compress bunches of PDF documents I highly recommend it.