Mac to the Rescue

I am an avid (some people might say “rabid”) Mac user. Have been since 1987. But, I do use the Windoze OS for certain things like running a Windoze only app or to test out what my websites look like on the “dark side”. But, as has always been the case, Windoze is just a total pain to maintain!!

Before installing several Windows software apps that I needed to complete a project I had to enlarge my Win 7 Bootcamp partition. I did this with Camptune X, a very nice app (see my previous article). 

I sized it from 75GB to 120GB to accommodate the installs. The installs went OK, but I had a terrible time maneuvering through all the Adware and Malware in the web browsers I was using. As hard as I try to avoid that stuff, I always end up getting some in Windows. Yes, I have McAfee Antivirus installed and a couple of other clean up apps.

The Mac can get Adware, but not like Windows for sure (see my previous article on Adware Medic). I ended up installing several different (Free) Windows malware and adware removal programs (there are tons of them out there). It took several hours of work, but I finally got my Win 7 install cleaned up and working properly.

Here is the kicker though, I needed the Mac to get the malware removal apps!! As hard as I tried, all the adware and malware in my Win 7 install blocked my downloading of these apps. So, I booted into the Mac and downloaded them. Then, I used Dropbox to get them over into my Windows 7 setup. Once they were over there I was able to install them and clean things up.

After working in the virus, malware, adware infested environment of Windows, it was such a pleasure to boot back into the Mac where things just work. Yes, there are some problems on the Mac side of things, but they are so minor compared to having your computer taken over by an unknown entity.

What is the moral to the story? Sometimes we do have to use Windows OS, but hopefully we have a Mac around to keep us sane.