The New CleanApp

I have used a very nice application called CleanApp by Synium Software for many years. I have reviewed it before on Macessence, but the new Ver. 5 is so nicely done I thought I would bring everyone up to speed. CleanApp started out just removing apps and associated files from your Mac, but these days it has become a swiss army knife application.

Program Delete

When you open the new CleanApp ($4.95 upgrade, $14.95 full price) you immediately notice it’s open, airy, easy to navigate interface. It always opens to this main window (click on the image for a larger version):

Here you can choose which type of function you wish to perform. In days gone by I used CleanApp for primarily removing applications from my Mac. It has always done a pretty good job of finding and removing associated app files along with the app in question. So, lets start with the “Programs” area:

The “Programs” interface is similar to earlier CleanApp versions, but much more streamlined. Your Apps are listed in the left hand column. If you look down at the bottom left corner of this window you will see this dropdown:

Before looking for programs to delete you should go into this little dropdown menu and choose what Applications you are viewing in the Apps column. This is a very cool feature, if you only want to search for a Third Party or possibly an App from the App Store you can do so. I usually leave this set to “All Programs”.

Once you find and select the app to be deleted CleanApp shows you the files it will delete in the right hand column:

These items are already selected, you don’t have to select them as in previous versions of CleanApp. Just hit the “Delete” button and the app and it’s associated files are a goner.

There is too much to this app to cover in one article so I am going to talk about the Maintenance section and then cover the Clean Up and  More sections in my next article.


Clean App has a minimalistic Maintenance section:

It has the Maintenance Scripts (AKA: Periodic Scripts). You can repair any of your file systems (drives). You can run Permissions on any of your drives as well:

This is more of a general maintenance area, nothing terribly new here, but nice to have these features available in one program. It is pretty much self-explanatory.

All in all, CleanApp 5 is a very nice improvement over previous versions. It is definitely worth the $4.59 upgrade and, in my opinion, worth the $14.95 full price if you do not own an older version of CleanApp. 

In my next installment I will cover The “Clean Up” and “More” areas of the app. There is a ton of cool stuff left to talk about.