Long, long ago in a galaxy far far away Mac people used a feature built into OS 9 called Windowshade. Windowshade allowed you to double-click on the title bar of an app or document window and roll up the window like you would a window shade. 

That very popular functionality was removed by Apple in OS X. A company called Unsanity built a Windowshade haxie for a while in OS X, but that was discontinued. Enter RGB World’s WindowMizer. RGB World Software has revived this functionality in their WindowMizer application. 

If you are wondering how you would use this type of functionality let me tell you. Window shade functionality is super handy if your workflow involves using several apps at the same time. But, it is especially useful if you have several document windows open from the same app. You just roll them up into the same location on your screen and unroll them with a double-click when you need them.

WindowMizer revives this window shade functionality. You just double-click the title bar of the window in question and it is rolled up on your screen. Here is a shot of what a few windows rolled up look like (just click on the image for a larger view).

Each rollup has the application icon in the titlebar along with the title of that document, a nice touch. The window rollup and down action is quite fast. All in all this app works quite will.

WindowMizer has tons of settings. You can tweak just about every aspect of the program. Here is the General Preferences area:

You can do all kinds of stuff with the app; start it a login, show it’s icon in the Menubar and lots of other things. If you look at Minimize Prefs you see almost as much tweak ability (just made that word up).

There are all kinds of settings for how to window shade a window. I have left most of these settings as default. The program seems to work pretty well that way.

There are some Advanced settings for working with Applescripts, setting menu options and other stuff. Here is the Advanced window:

As you can see, WindowMizer is extremely extensible. You can just about make it do anything you prefer in the window shade arena.

Here is the deal. In the old days I used the WindowShade feature quite extensively. However, my workflow is different these days. I just don’t have that many windows open in any particular app. But, I still WindowMizer  from time to time and it works very nicely. If you frequently have multiple windows open in any given app I highly recommend getting WindowMizer. Unfortunately, it does not work in all applications, but it does work with most of them.

WindowMizer costs $14.99. You can go to the RGB World Software website to see more of what it does. Another useful utility app on the Mac platform. Who says there is no software for the Mac.