Photo Management Workflow

In my humble opinion managing photos in Yosemite is a mess since the demise of iPhoto and Aperture. Yes, we have the new “Photos” app which is not a total loss for people who just need an iPhoto level photo editing and management program. That is not enough for me so I have been on a journey to create a photo managing and editing workflow.



My photo management workflow has always been to import my photos into the Aperture/iPhotos library. Then I use Aperture to edit the photos using what it calls Effects, but what most photo editing programs call Presets. Then my family would use iPhoto to view and manage photos, like emailing them to friends, sending them to Facebook, etc. Aperture possessed enough sophistication for me and iPhoto was simple enough for others to use. Keep in mind, I am NOT a professional photographer! I think I would consider myself a prosumer I guess. So, how am I going to replicate this workflow now that Aperture and iPhoto are gone?

Photo Editing & Management

The new Photos app has a fair amount of editing capability. If you can get use to the way it manages photos it really is not too bad of an app for many people. Here is what the main window looks like (just click or tap on the following images for a larger view):

It is kind of stripped down looking, pretty much the same as the iOS version. It is a decent app, but it does not have sophisticated editing protocols (some but not a lot) and, most important to me, it does not have “Presets”. What is so big about “Presets” you ask? I use 3 different cameras, iPhone 5s, Canon Powershot SX130, and Panasonic Lumix FX1000 (digital SLR). They all handle photos differently. When I edit a bunch of photos from one specific camera I do not wish to redo all the settings for that type of photo each time, so I use a “Preset” that is setup to enhance and “fix” photos from each camera. Saves tons of time let me tell you. And, yes, at times I use some of the more advanced features of Aperture to tweak certain photos even further. Here is what that looks like in Aperture:

You can see the dropdown menu under “Effects” that is used for “Presets”. I have used this for years in editing photos from my various digital cameras.

One more thing here. I only use Aperture (or will be using a future program) to manage and edit certain photos. I am not going to be using the higher end programs to deal with a one-off photo of something. What I will be using them for is to edit large photo events from traveling or family time. The one-off stuff I will edit with the Photos app.

But I digress. Now that the iPhoto/Aperture workflow is passing away into the night, I need to move on to something new that works for me. In lieu of that I have been testing certain programs. Check out my next installment for a summary of a few Aperture replacement apps I have tested. I think I have settled on one for now, at least until, or if, Apple expands on the Photos app capabilities.