Postbox Continued

In my previous article on Postbox I covered the basics of how it works and a few of the main features. It truly is an excellent program for managing email, way better than the Apple Mail app in my humble opinion. Lets look at a few other features that make Postbox such a robust email app.


Account Groups

Account Groups is just what it sounds like. You can group email accounts into groups that make sense for your workflow. Here is my Accounts Sidebar:

As you can see I have grouped MY acocunts into “Personal”, “Websites” and “Blogs”. The types of Account Groups you can have is practically limitless, just use your imagination. To make an Account Group just go to the File menu and select it:

It comes up and asks you to name it and then it puts it into your sidebar like so:

I named this one “Test”. Then all you have to do is drag the email accounts into the Account Group and away you go. If you have a lot of email accounts this is a very useful feature. It makes for more efficient email management.

Quick Reply

This feature is not a big deal, but it can be real handy for a one-off quick replay to an email. If you look at the very bottom of this test email you will see the Quick Reply window:

If you want to do a quick reply to an email click in this window and start typing.

When you are finished with your reply hit the “Send” button and off it goes.

Auto Responses

Another really cool feature in Postbox is Responses (Postbox does templates too, but that is for another article). These are canned responses to certain types of emails that are similar in nature. Here is the Responses window in the Postbox Preferences area:

You click on the plus symbol bottom left hand corner and create the auto response you desire:

Give the response a title and type in what the actual response is. You can do some basic editing to the response and then click “OK”. You access Responses in your email composition window. Put your cursor in the body of the email, click on Responses and select the response you wish.

It will be pasted into the email. A pretty handy feature if you use “canned responses” to certain types of incoming emails.


There are many more features I could mention like the Sidebar, Topic Categories, Message Filters and several others. Needless to say, Postbox is a totally full-featured, mature email application. If you do a lot of email and/or manage several email accounts I highly recommend it.