Printers are just a necessary evil aren’t they? I have always had an Inkjet printer for color prints and a laser printer for the bulk of my other printing needs. Inkjets just cost too much per copy to print (the ink is expensive) and laser’s are generally more versatile, more geared for a small office environment.



I don’t know how many of you remember this or not, but in the old days Laser printers were very expensive. HP Laserjet 4’s and 5’s along with Apple’s printers cost a lot of money. So, it was worth it to have one repaired if it had problems, hence there were many printer repair shops around. Now days you would be hard pressed to find a printer repair shop because most Inkjet and Laser printers are so inexpensive. They have become a commodity, when they fail just get rid the them and get a new one.

I have used this Inkjet/Laser setup for many years. Currently I use an HP Officejet Pro 8610 for my color printing needs, it is an all in one multifunction machine and prints very high quality color very quickly. I really like it, pretty hard to beat HP stuff. I also have a Brother 8065DN multifunction machine which has worked pretty well for me, until now. The Brother is failing so I have purchased a new laser printer to replace it.

Canon Imageclass MF229dw

There are tons of excellent laser printers on the market today by Canon, HP, Samsung, Brother and a few others. The choices are amazing and the prices are quite good due to the competition. After a great deal of research I ended up getting a Canon laser printer. The price was right and it got good reviews. I did a lot of research on Amazon, but actually the best price I could find for this printer was at Compusource, an online general electronics place.

The Canon Imageclass is a black and white Laser printer that pretty much does anything that I need from scanning, faxing, copying, printing, duplex printing, envelope printing, etc. It is a good small office machine. Hear is the setup sequence.

Canon Setup

Setting up the Canon is relatively easy. Once out of the box you have to remove 8 million pieces of tape and styrofoam (click on the images for a larger version):

It took about 15 minutes to remove all the tape, styrofoam and pieces of paper on the outside and inside of the printer. They do a pretty thorough job of it let me tell you.

Here is the printer with all that stuff off of it before I set it up:

This printer has a much smaller footprint than my old Brother multifunction. It is way more compact, lots of little doors and trays everywhere.

The setup of this Canon printer was pretty easy. Once plugged in it takes you through the usual screens of setting up the time, date, etc. At the end it asks if you wish to set it up via WiFi. If you have a WPS button on your wireless router all you have to do is push it and the printer sees the router and sets up wireless printing automatically. Pretty easy to do for sure. Here is the printer completely setup:

There are other ways to connect the printer to your network including USB, Ethernet and traditional wireless printing. I may mess around with them at a later time, but for now all is well. When I went into the Printing Pref Pane in OS X it saw the printer immediately and set itself up. Pretty cool I think. By the way, printing from an iOS device is easy. Just go into the print area and the Canon shows up via AirPrint. Tap on print and you are done. It even features double-sided here. Printing from an iOS device is a little slow, but it works.


I may have more on this little Canon at a later time. So far though I am really likeing it. It prints quite quickly and the print quality is good. More info to follow as I work with it and test all it’s capabilities.