iPhone Message Block

Apparently, people getting spam messages on their iPhones is really a problem. I do not get many of them, but some people do. I do get some spam phone calls at times and have been blocking some of those. So, check this out. There is a way to block spam messages as well.


This is the procedure for blocking spam messages on your iPhone. Just go into you Messages app and tap on the message in question. In the message tap on “Details” like so (I have blocked out a few addresses for obvious reasons):

You will be taken to this screen:

Tap on the “i” and you will be taken to this screen:

Now, scroll to the bottom of the window and tap on “Block this Caller”. You are wondering why it says “Block this Caller” and not “Block this Message”? Well, it does both! It you choose to block a phone number on your iPhone it will also block messages from that source. Conversely, if you choose to block a spam message it will block any calls from that source as well.

I have used this feature of iOS 8 to block some phone spam and one or two message spams. I don’t get a lot of spam, but if you do this is a very good way to deal with it.