iPhone VIP Notifications

I get tons of email on all my devices. They are all pretty much synced up in everyway possible. However, my iPhone is used a little differently. I can see emails on my Mac and iPad while sitting at home, but if I am driving around (out and about) I cannot see who emails me. But, there is a remedy for that.



I get bunches of emails from various sources. I can hear them arrive on my iPhone, but the bottom line is they all sound the same. I want to differentiate between more important emails from close friends and family and just the run of the mill emails. The way to do that is by making certain people in your contacts into “VIP’s”! Here is how that works.

VIP Setup

On your iPhone just open your Mail application. Now go back out to the Mailbox List area. When you do you will see a list of your mailboxes along with a listing for VIP:

Tap on the “i” just to the right of “VIP” and you will be taken to this window:

Tap on “Add VIP” and you will be taken to your Contacts app. I am not showing mine here because I do not want to expose all the names in it. Needless to say, all you have to do is tap on a name and it is added to your VIP list like so:

Then tap on “VIP Alerts” and you will be taken to the “VIP” area of the Notifications app on your iPhone:

Here you can setup all kinds of notifications variations for your VIPS. To me the ringtone is the most distinctive.


Setting up a VIP notification is pretty easy really. It is pretty much the same thing as setting up a distinctive ring on your home phone right? I really like this feature, it helps me prioritize how I respond to emails on my iPhone.