Mobile Pages

Having mobile friendly pages in your website is all the thing these days. Google has said they are going to give ranking priority to sites that are mobile friendly. Sites that are not mobile friendly will receive lower rankings. Want to see if your site is considered mobile friendly by Google?


If your website does not have mobile friendly pages I highly recommend you create some. Even if my site is not typically viewed on mobile devices? Yes! I just got through adding several mobile pages to a friends business website that I maintain even though his clientele do not really view his professional business website on mobile devices. Why? Because search engines like Google have passed a web law (a Google law?) that they are going to give higher ranking status to sites with mobile capabilities. Even though your clientele may not be big mobile viewers you want high search engine rankings for sure.

Google has developed a way to check your website for mobile friendliness. You go to their mobile testing website and enter the URL for the site you wish to test. Here is an image of the site:

Just enter your website address in that box and hit “Analyze” and it searchs the site in question:

Generally, this analysis only takes a few seconds. When it is finished it shows you if the page is mobile friendly:

Please note that the above screenshot only shows part of the page Google returns to you. It has a bunch of other info on it plus a picture of your site on a mobile phone. If the site is not mobile friendly you will see this:

It tells you it is NOT mobile friendly and then lists some of the reasons down below. You have to do this test for every page on your website that you wish to test. The service does not test your whole site, just one page at a time.

This is really easy to do, I highly recommend you check your site(s) for mobile friendliness. It really is a necessity these days.