OK, everybody these days, or almost everybody is doing “selfies” and posting them all over the place. I think this pretty much has been generated by the early iPhones which made “selfies” very easy. I am kind of into more private “selfies” to my friends, I don’t post them all over the place, not too much anyway.


So, with that in mind you may, at some point in time, wish to send a selfie via the Messages app on your iPhone. A little more private than posting it on the Web. It is really simple to do. Just bring up a message window to a friend. Then tap and “hold” on the little camera icon like so:

When you do, your iPhone will move to the rear facing camera focused on you. Just tap the camera inside the black half circle and a photo will be taken, placed in your Messages app and sent! It sends the photo automatically, so you need to type your text first, then use the camera:

As an aside, if you wish to take a front facing photo, just tap the camera in the upper right corner of the menubar. When you take your photo the same thing happens, the photo is sent right a way.

Now, one more thing. You can take some video with this procedure. When you get into the camera area you can take and send a video. Just tap the big red button and start recording.

When you are done you have to hit the up arrow and it takes you back into Messages and sends the video. I just sent a video of my cat to my granddaughter. She got a kick out of it. However, use video sparingly, they are huge files.

Well, I am not one to encourage tons of selfies, but they can be kind of fun to stay in touch with friends and family. They are really easy to do on the iPhone. But, I prefer to use the Messages app instead of posting stuff on Facebook, because it is more private. Let your conscience be your guiide and have fun!!