Audio Converter Lite

Some friends and I got to talking about converting some audio files into .mp3 format and then sending them to the Internet. They needed to be as small in size as we could make them with decent quality. So, I started looking on the App Store and discovered a ton of audio conversion apps, I mean tons.



I am not a big audio guy, I just am not. I didn’t need some app with tons of bells and whistles either. Just needed an app to convert (and possibly size) audio files into .mp3 format for posting online. I looked at several apps. I even downloaded and tried out a few of the them on my Mac. I ended up getting a free app (yes, I said free) called Audio Converter Lite from geranium-soft. There is a Pro version, but the Lite version is more than adequate for my needs. Both versions of this app get good reviews on the Mac App Store.

Audio Converter Lite

Here is the main screen of Audio Converter Lite (hereinafter referred to as ACL):

When you first open ACL you just drag your audio file into the window. In this case I am using a WAV file which is huge, 629 MB! Once you have the file in place you need to select what format to convert it into which can be done by clicking on the drop down or scrolling the icons in lower part of the window:

In the above image I have chosen the .mp3 format. But, look more closely in that little .mp3 window. You can select what size to convert the file into. It is set automatically for 256 Kbps which seems to be a standard size for good quality. Keep in mind if you drop that size to half of 256 Kbps your finished file will be about half the size, but of course the quality is not quite as good. You just have to experiment with the sizes and how they sound. The 629 MB WAV file that I converted came out to 105 MB which is pretty decent.

Once the file is finished you can click on the little “magnifying glass” to the right and it takes you to the file in your Music Folder.


From there you can play it, move it, or whatever. Also, If you wish to change the location where ACL saves files just click on the “Add” bottom at the bottom of the window and choose whatever location suits you.

I want to mention one more thing that is not shown here. If you roll your mouse over one of the presets at the bottom of the window it gives you an explanation of what it does. That is a nice feature for people like me who are not audiophiles.


Audio Converter Lite is a nice little app, especially since it is free. Of course it is a “one horse band” so to speak, but it works great if you need to do some basic audio file conversions. I highly recommend it.