I have been using a very thorough Mac utility app for the last year or so called CleanMyMac 3 by MacPaw software. Just recently they released a FREE cool little app called CleanMyDrive, what else right. This is a nice little app for cleaning external hard drives and thumb drives. It even cleans SD Cards. Here is how it works.



First, I want to cover something in CleanMyMac 3. If you have your CleanMyMac 3 menubar item working it will show you some nice info on your “internal drives” like so:

Just click on it and it displays info on your internal hard drives. If you wish to do some cleaning on those drives click on the CleanMyMac button at the bottom of this dropdown window and it opens the full CMM3 application.

There is one nice touch here. With this dropdown activated roll your mouse over the “Memory” item. It brings up a “Free Up Memory” button like so:

This allows you to free up memory (RAM) on your system without opening another app, a very nice touch. I have covered the value of “memeory reset” in a previous article.

But, CMM3 does not work with external media. Hense, the MacPaw people created CleanMyDrive (CMD) just for this purpose:


You can download and install CMD from the App Store. Once installed it puts a hard drive shaped icon in your menubar. When you click on it you get a dropdown that looks similar to this:

It shows all my drives and/or drive partitions including my external drives, something that CMM3 does not do. If CMD deems that there is “Junk” on a drive it shows up in red:

This above drive named “Untitled” happens to be a thumb drive. Once you see red in that bar just tap on the three verticle dots next to the drive and it presents a screen like this:

You have to toggle to “Yes” and the app automatically keeps the drive clean when it is mounted. The above image is of a thumb drive, here is what a hard drive looks like:

When you toggle it to “Yes” the app continually keeps the junk off the drive. Also, when you toggle these drives to “Yes” the vertical dots next to the drive turn green:


There really are not many settings to this app. Here is the Preferences area:

I turned on “Launch at Startup”. CleanMyDrive runs in the background, it is very unobtrusive. There is one important thing to point out under the “Cleaning” setting. You can tell the app what size external media you wish to clean. I set it to no size limit because I have some external drives that are rather large.


CleanMyDrive is a nice app all on it’s own, but if you use CleanMyMac then CMD is a must have. For free you cannot beat it. I am using it in Yosemite with no issues. Give it a try, I think you will like it.