De-authorizing Devices

I suppose I am jumping the gun but I am starting to think on how to prepare my iPhone 5s to give it to one of my grandkids when I get my new 6s in the Fall. This made me look into de-authorizing my iPhone in my Apple ID.



Apple keeps track of how many devices you have attached to your Apple ID. My best understanding of this process is you can have 10 devices authorized to your Apple ID, 5 of those can be computers. You add a new device to your Apple ID when you first set it up. But, when you sell or give away a computer or iDevice you need to remove it from your Apple ID. Here is how you do that.


Pretty much this is all done in iTunes. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac and startup iTunes. Next, click on your iPhone icon and iTunes shows you a summary page.

Click on your Account area and then click into “Account Info” (click for a larger image here):

You will have to autorize with your Apple ID here. Once you do you will see a page similar to this one:

Don’t panic! I just blocked out my personal Apple ID, credit card and address info. Your info will appear here. If you look at the bottom of the window you will see “Manage Devices”. When you click on that you will be taken to a window listing your devices like so:

Here you click on “Remove” and the device will be removed immediately, no warning so be careful!!



De-authorizing devices is not diffcult, you just have to make sure you want to remove what you are removing. By the way, be sure and do a complete backup to the Cloud or your Mac before releasing your old iDevice. Then, when you get a new iDevice you can just restore when you set it up.