El Capitan Beta

Apple released the first beta of the new El Capitan version of OS X. Of course, I am in the beta program and had to install it on my beta test partition right away. It took forever to install over Yosemite 10.10.4. In fact, I am writing this article using Blogo, my blogging software, in El Capitan!


Apple has implemented a new way of installing OS X upgrades. They are not going to be using the “Recovery Key” any longer, they are using a two step verification type procedure. You just have to walk through it to see how it works, no big deal, but it is different.

If you are in the beta program then you get a redemption code that allows you to download El Capitan from the App Store:

Had to block out my code, of course. Once you get the code you just go to the App Store and El Capitan starts downloading. Check out the size of this download!

It is 6 GB! Wow. It took quite a while to download and even longer to install. Maybe the installer did not like something in my Yosemite install, I don’t know. I am sure the final El Capitan release will not be 6 GB, but maybe Apple has to do that for a beta, who knows.

I am not allowed to comment on things in El Capitan that Apple has not talked about in their public release, but I am sure I can find enough information to interest you over the next few months. Initially, there were beach balls all over the place when trying to do things. But, Apple released a “Supplemental Update” to the original beta that has fixed that pretty much. It is quite snappy at this time, not running a bunch of apps in here yet, but I will be installing some over time for testing purposes